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Ed Macgregor, a second-term mayor and the first person to hold the office since the municipality was formed in 1999, died of a heart attack March 28, 2003. A new election was called to replace the office of Mayor.

Janet Evans
Janet Evans, Mayor


Maple Avenue N, Sooke


Janet Evans who resigned her council seat to seek the mayor's job won the election and was the Mayor.


Lorna Barry 5440 Sooke Road, Sooke 642-5700  
John Stephen won the council seat vacated by Janet Evans      
John M. Farmer 8248 West Coast Road, Sooke 642-3494  
Marcus Farmer 2031 Olympic Place, Sooke 642-6778  
Tom Morino 2637 Otter Point Road, Sooke 642-6657  
George OBriain 7050 Briarwood Place, Sooke 642-3772  
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Sooke politics, elected officials in the Sooke District information
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