Sooke Fire Departments

The Sooke region is serviced by five local fire departments: Sooke District, East Sooke, Otter Point, Shirley and Port Renfrew, as well as neighbouring Metchosin when needed.

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Volunteer Driven

Volunteers are the life-blood of our local fire departments, which are responsible for a vast region including residential, industrial and commercial buildings, as well as a large forested areas.

Highly Trained

Our firefighters spend thousands of hours each year advancing their training, with many members specializing in a variety of fields including automobile rescues, rope rescues and much more.

Supporting Ambulance

Our members are often first responders, called out for medical emergencies in tandem with the BC Ambulance Service. About half the annual call volume can be attributed to medical assistance calls.

Public Education

Our fire departments also take an active role in the community, educating local residents on the danger of fire and other hazards with the aim of eliminating preventable accidents.

Community Involvement

Some of our local fire departments also host community events such as safe Halloween celebrations with bonfires or are on-site for Canada Day fireworks celebrations.

Burning Regulations

Although open burning is generally permitted in the months of October to May, regulations differ between fire protection districts, so check the relevant fire department website for your area (listed below).

Sooke District Fire Department

Sooke District Fire Department

2225 Otter Point Road 250.642.5422
2011 Goodridge Road 250.642.5155

Formed in ____, the SVFD has a dedicated crew of 50 volunteers and two paid staff who answer fire and medically-related calls at any time day or night.

East Sooke Fire Department

East Sooke Fire Department

6071 East Sooke Road

Formed in 1985, the ESFD is a volunteer fire department serving the East Sooke community of 1700 residents.

Otter Point Volunteer Fire Department

Otter Point Fire Department

3727 Otter Point Road

Formed in 1980, the OPFD is a volunteer fire department serving the 2500 residents of over 24 square kilometers of Otter Point. Fire Chief John McCrea leads a team of 20 members.

Shirley Volunteer Fire Department

Shirley Fire Department

2795-B Sheringham Point Road

Formed in 1989, the SVFD is a volunteer fire department housed at the Shirley Fire Hall, directly adjacent to the Shirley Community Hall. Fire Chief Marty Gilbertson leads a team of 15 members.

Port Renfrew Fire Department

Port Renfrew Fire Department

6637 Deering Road, Port Renfrew

Formed in 1990, the PRVFD is a volunteer fire department serving the remote residents of Port Renfrew and Pacheedaht First Nation. Managed by the CRD and lead by Fire Chief Chelsey Kuzman.

Metchosin Fire Department

Metchosin Fire Department

4440 Happy Valley Road

Formed in 1958, the MVFD is a volunteer fire department serving Metchosin residents and aids the East Sooke and Sooke fire departments as needed.

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