Photos of the Sooke area- people, places and natural scenery. Galloping Goose Trail, ocean and lakes, small critters and flying feathered things!

The little 1/4 inch pink catapiller was found in August munching on a basil plant in Sooke. It is a soft looking little catapiller, all alone on a balcony with no way to walk there, so it must have hatched from an egg deposited by a flying critter. Anyone having an ID on the little guy, please send an email to identify. Email

pink catapiller in Sooke, BC

Photo of Sooke Harbour and Goodrich

Rorary Pier a view to misty East Sooke
Misty October afternoon- East Sooke as seen from the Rotary Pier at the end of Murray Road

Driving along the Sooke Highway on a misty morning

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Reptile in Sooke Elgaria coerulea principis

This little lizard called "Elgaria coerulea principis" was found in May basking in the Sooke sun.
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There is a very similar one living in California, Oregon and Washington States.

tall ships visit Victoria, Parliament Buildings in background
June 2005 the Tall Ships visited Victoria

Sooke view of Washington State mountians
Above: The mountains of Washington State as seen from the parking lot behind Village Food Market in Sooke.
tectonic activity in Sooke district

Above: close up of the mountains taken in April of 2004- two of the three most prominent peaks as seen from Sooke.
Come back for more photos as the season rolls on - does the snow ever melt?

Tourism Photo File of Sooke
on Vancouver Island,
BC, Canada

Sooke Photos

Sooke Harbour from the Galloping Goose trail
rare moth

The Southern Vancouver Island area is home to many unique and different animals, insects, butterflies and moths. Recently identified as a rare type of plumed moth! Yes, it seems moths can have "feathers".....

--> more info on this moth

bluga whale blowing bubbles

Beluga whale blowing bubbles!
This beluga whale at the Vancouver Aquarium was seen blowing bubbles- it was having a lot of fun, just showing off. The underwater viewing area was ideal to see it swimming around, blowing the bubble, chasing it, inhaling it and blowing it again!

(We know this is not a photo taken in Sooke, but the Vancouver Aquarium is a "local attraction" if you are from Europe or Asia.)

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Ayum Creek, Sooke

Ayum Creek - moving images of this CRD reserve Park - a birdwatchers paradise!


Sooke Harbour Seal
The waters around Sooke, the Sooke Harbour and the Strait of Juan de Fuca are home to seals. As the photo on the right shows, these mamals have large canine teeth and should be approaced with care!
Sooke Harbor Seal

The Sooke Harbour is also home to dolphins which come up to local docks to play.


Just for fun, some stereograms of the Sooke area:

Can't see the forest for the trees? Take a closer look at this random dot stereogram

Here is another Sooke Landmark -

Village Food Markets

Village Food Markets marched in the 2003 Third Annual Sooke Christmas Parade

Annual Christmas Parade - more photos

Village Food Markets - find out more


birds and foliage along the Galloping Goose Trail

Winter Along the Sooke Galloping Goose Trail

Top left: a raven sits atop a tree, and a Stellar Jay perches in an Arbutus tree. The Arbutus tree is a broad leaf evergreen. (Birdwatching tours on Vancouver Island)

Top right: the dried up seeds of a climbing vine puff like snowballs and an early morning stroll down the Galloping Goose Trail shows icicles dripping from the moss.

Lower right: this bright yellow growth on an old piece of wood lends color to an otherwise drab terrain. Anyone know what it is?
Update: April 03- Shaun Kay, a Mycology undergraduate at the University of Manitoba identified this yellow growth as "Witche's Butter" or Tremella mersenterica and the mushrooms as Coprinus acuminatus, a type of inkcap mushroom.
Thanks Shawn!

Bottom middle: snow on wild rose hips.

Bottom left: Pampus grass blows in the cool winter breeze.

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Mayor Ed MacGregor of Sooke

Brian Kerr speaks to Sooke's "Mayor Ed" and his wife Linda at the December Christmas Parade 2002
More photos and Video of the Parade

SLIDE SHOW of SOOKE- scenery, people & events and wildlife!

Fall Galloping Goose Trail

Fall foliage along the trail

November 2002 - A walk along the Galloping Goose Trail from Vetch Creek to Sooke Road has an amazing foliage even in November!

Top left: Arbutus berries, you can see the band tailed dove eating these ripe berries.
Top right: known as "Snow Berries" as they stay on the bush till after the snow has gone. Does anyone know their correct name?
Update Dec/02 the "Snow Berries" have been identified by Francis & Anita as Symphoricarpos Albus. Turns out that some states in America have this shrub listed on the endangered list.
Thank you, and look forward to another photo set for Jan!

Middle- lichen on the steep rock lining the trail.
Lower left: wild rose leaves
Lower right: more arbutus berries and dry grass.

Sooke Town Logger Sports Pole

Sooke City Town Pole

The logger pole stands in Evergreen Center on Sooke Road between Anna Marie Road and Townsend Road.
Or, if you measure by traffic lights: after the first light on Church Road, and before the last light on Otter Point Rd.

Look for other "Large Roadside Attractions" throughout Canada

Logger pole in Sooke
wildflowers along the Galloping Goose Trail

June 2002- Summer Flowers found along the Galloping Goose Trail
Center: Salmon berry flower, bottom right: wild rose, right middle Yellow broome, bottom left, rock flower, top blue: unidentified! Anyone know what it is?
November 2002 - well, it took some time, but the blue flower has been identified as a CAMAS, and is actually a "rare" flower!

Our best bet it is "Camassia esculenta(quamash)"

Thank you to those that have sent in an ID for this, and you can read more about it at the following links.

Sooke Town Pole - carved logger
The "Town Pole" in Evergreen Mall is the center of many events.
Sooke Community Park or "The Flats"dated 2001
Photo from 2001 - Above
This was the location for the "All Sooke Day" logging sports event. "All Sooke Day" has not been held since 2002, although there is a Logging Sports Demo at Canada Day.
Sooke River Campground 2007
Sooke River Campground 2007-
Venue for the Canada Day Celebration, Bluegrass Festival, and other community events.
Sooke River in the Fall

Photo taken Sept 30, 2001 on the western shore of the Sooke River at the Sooke River Campground.

Locals refer to this area of the River as "The Flats" because it is prone to flooding during the rainy season.

This campground is the venue for events such as the famous All Sooke Day, and the annual Canada Day Celebration on July 1.

It is also the place where the Sooke Philharmonic played in 2002, and the location for the Bluegrass Festival.

Sooke River in winterThe same area of Sooke River in the winter with a light dusting of snow. Some Geese winter over in the usually mild winter.
geese in the snow along Sooke River
boat with snow on Sooke River

bridge over Sooke RiverThe Sooke River Bridge with a bit of snow.
On the Sooke side of the the river is the Sooke River Hotel
snow along the Galloping Goose TrailJan 26, 2002
View towards Sooke from the Galloping Goose Trail between Gillespie and Roche Cove
Sooke Government Wharf with charter boatsGovernment Wharf in Sooke
Photo taken in September 2001 as the fog is rolling in.
birdwatching in Sooke
Birdwatching Tours
in the Area!

seagull by Jordan River
Sooke District "City Hall"
Sooke District City Hall
Community Hall
Community Hall on Eustace Road accross the street from the Legion
Hill of sooke
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Photos of Past Events in Sooke

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