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Park Watch Program


Added security for you and your vehicle while you enjoy the area's parks!
The Park Watch Patrol Program operates during the summer months most days in our regional and local parks from East Sooke to Port Renfrew. Park Watch members patrol the parking areas to help guard against car theft & vandalism.

Following are photos and information on the parks in the area, as well as places to stay near the parks. Local parks are maintained by the CRD Government agency, and others by the city of Sooke. If you have any concerns or input, please contact the government agency responsible. District of Sooke or the - CRD

Ayum Creeek Park

Ayum Creek waterfront CRD reserve park

Ayum Creek park is a birdwatchers' paradise! The small creek that enters the water just behind Goodrich Peninsula is a haven for swans and other birds. There are many bird boxes on tall poles for nesting.
Vehicle parking is located just off Sooke Road by the Ayum Creek bridge at 5585 Sooke Road, past the Shell Station.

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Galloping Goose Trail

Galloping Goose Trail

Once an old railway line, the Galloping Goose Trail is now a favorite walking, cycling, and horseback riding trail. This scenic trails guides you through the Westshore communities from Victoria to Sooke, and on past to the abandoned mining town of Leechtown.

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Tip of East Sooke Park from Sooke Harbour

East Sooke Park

East Sooke Regional Park consumes over 3500 acres of East Sooke, and borders the Juan de Fuca Straight on one side. Take a relaxing trek away from the everyday on the 50 km of trails as they weave their way through this wilderness park. Enjoy the peaceful forests and the trickling creeks on your visit to nature's mecca.

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Sooke River Flats

Sooke River Flats

The Sooke River meets the Ocean by the Bridge on Sooke Road, just past the Sooke River Hotel. Nearby are the Sooke Region Museum, SEAPARC Arena and Swimming Pool. The river has spawning salmon, wild ducks, geese and an occasional swan.

Sooke River Campground

Sooke River Campground

Owned and operated by the Sooke Community Association, this private, family-oriented campground is host to the annual Bluegrass Festival, and Canada Day Celebration. The Campground is nestled along the picturesque Sooke River and is open April 1 - September 30th. Phone 250 642-6076 for reservation.

Sooke Potholes Provincial Park

Sooke Potholes Provincial Park

Further up the Sooke River, this park is an excellent place to hike all year round. In the hot summer days, the potholes, formed by thousands of years of erosion, are a refreshing place to swim. In the fall, watching the salmon spawn is a fascinating experience.--> Potholes info

Gordon's Beach

Gordon's Beach

Gordon's Beach is located just past Sooke on West Coast Road, with easy vehicle access. Marvel at spectacular sunsets from this pebble and driftwood laden beach.

Harbour Park Ed Macgregor Park

Ed Macgregor Park (formally Harbour Park)

This park is located just past the streetlight at Otter Point and Sooke Road, where Sooke Road becomes "West Coast Road". It was renamed Ed Macgregor Park in honor the first Mayor of Sooke. This architecturally designed park features a waterfron boardwalk along the shore to Murray Road. (Put on your hiking shoes for this one- steep stairs and uneven walking trail).

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Whiffin Spit Beach

Whiffin Spit Beach is a natural spit that has been reinforced to allow easy walking.

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French Beach

French Beach

French Beach Provincial Park is a beautiful and scenic pebble and sand beach, facing the Juan de Fuca Strait. It's a great place for a family to spend the day, featuring a full playground, large lawns, picnic tables, and BBQ pits. The park also offers a 69 site campground, open year round.

Kemp Lake Water Lilies

Kemp Lake

Kemp Lake is a beautiful fresh water lake for canoes, rowboats and any un-motorized boats. Dragonflies abound, and there is seasonal waterlilies.
Access: Turn right off West Coast Road (Hyw 14) onto Kemp Lake Road, turn right at Chubb Road - there is a small boat launch on Milligan Rd.

China Beach

China Beach

China Beach is a beautiful beach with diverse terrain, offering sandy beaches for easy strolling as well as rugged west coast trails for more adventurous hiking. China Beach also features a spectacular waterfall.