Grad 2001 Fashion Show

Grad Ceremony: hear some of the event!

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Wow! What a success! The Grad Fashion Show was a blast...
A Big "Thank You" to Everyone!

Featured Fashions...

Sairaa Thorton, grad and long-time resident of Sooke, says "I make funky clothes for funky people, clothes that exhibit bold colors and a uniqueness that is captivating." Sairaa's fashions are the centerpiece of the grad produced show, also sold in Victoria at Retro Wear on Johnson Street. Sairaas:250.642.4904

Sponsorship & Support...

LA Limo

Grad Cast & Crew...

Steven Bowcott, CO-Producer, CO-Director & Choreographer

Caprina Valentine, Publicist

Tom Sommerville, Choreographer

Meagan Cooper, Sam Lambert, Lighting Technicians

Sherry Shroeder, Brianne Szadkowski, Valene Francis, Backstage

Promo Videos ...

These aired on the big screen in the EMCS commons the week of the show...

Version 1.0 (mpeg)
Version 1.1 (mpeg)
Photos by Angie

Production: Caprina Valentine
Cast: Sairraa Thorton, Meagan Cooper, Jill Patterson, Shannon Ramage, Tom Sommerville
Music: (c) Bryan Adams - Thank you!

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