Back by Popular Demand,
Sooke's Secret Gardens Tour
Sponsored by the Sooke Philharmonic Society, this year the tour features not just some spectacular ornamental gardens but also some very productive smaller back-yard vegetable gardens a couple of small farms,a silent auction,a classic car display, and music by members of the Sooke Orchestra.

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Photographers: this is the event to get the flower photo of your dreams!
Photos by Linda Gordon

The flowers were in full bloom, blowing in the breeze....Rhodos in Sooke garden
varient of Queens Annes' Lace perhaps?
restfull spot in a Sooke Garden
busy as a bee
Busy as a bee, or restful as can be
Sooke Garden spot to relax
ponder by the pool
Sooke garden spot to relax and ponder....
rocks decorate a Sooke garden
yellow climbing roses
Down to Earth... Reaching for the Sky
iris oriental poppy

Garden owners, have you spotted your flowers yet?

chain as garden decoration
Don't be koi, and don't carp,
unchain your imagination
and let the flowers run riot!
salmon iris
pink daisy in garden
bearded iris
rose bud
red oriental poppy
unusual drop flower
Red Hot Poker
Red Hot Pokers,
Arbutus and heart shaped drops.
Things a garden is made from.

Sooke Garden Tour

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