Stamps for Sale!

If interested, please phone Linda at (250) 642-6745 or email (located in Sooke, BC).

Stamp Collecting 3 Books for $300

* American Book*

USA stamps from 1930's to present, major components from 1970- 1980
Over 400 stamps organized into commemoratives, Presidents, famous people, etc
Many with duplicates for trading!


* Historical - World Wide Book*

Collection started in the 1950's with many stamps from pre- 1900
World wide commemoratives
Aprox 100 stamps


* Contemporary World Wide Book*

Famous people, transportation, stamps from all over the world.
Many with duplicates for trading!
Approx 3,000 loose stamps, some with envelope paper, some new, some old 1900's, some from 1960's to present, from all over the world

* Separate: New Canadian Stamps from 1985 to present*
New stamps with glue and most in commemorative packet from 1985 to present:
Approx Face value for post (guaranteed more that $150) Sell for $ 200

Makes a great fancy envelope for party invites, etc!