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Advertise on a site that has a proven track record. was the Best Local Business Web Site Award Winner in the year 2002 from the Sooke Harbour Chamber of Commerce, Nebs and the Sooke News Mirror. Over the years, Sooke.Org has developed into a community website that rallied around setting standards and, most importantly, working together to interactively build a better community portal featuring quality information for both the local resident and the visitor.

Sooke dot Org award winner

That's not to mention a #1 placement on leading search engine,, and links from the famous Internet encyclopedia, We receive over 6,000 visits per month just to our homepage - over 50,000 visits to all our pages combined!
We have continued to keep our site fresh and informative, expanding the accommodations and wedding destinations pages.

Our growing number of clients who list every year tells us we are on the right track. We look forward to activating your listing in our quest to build a better community website and to promote the Sooke Region to both a local and international audience.

Reaching Sooke Residents BUSINESS Listing $100/year + GST
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Sooke.Org has become known in the local Sooke area market to everyday residents, who are looking on the Internet for arts, entertainment, and events, restaurants, business services, community groups, parks and recreation, maps, transportation, and weather information. is also a valuable resource to new or prospective residents who wish to know about real estate, city services, infrastructure, business services and opportunities, and general statistics information.

Attracting Visitors reaches the international market through our long-time exceptional rankings in the top search engines, Google, Yahoo, AOL, cNet, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, and MSN (these are but only a few of the top from our stats!) Once on our website, our simple and intuitive navigation makes a pleasure to use and quality information about accommodation, restaurants and dining, arts and events, parks and recreation, and now spa services easy to find. has also made alliances with many other well publicized websites such as to further attract visitors. We also advertise in print media and flyers, but find that most of our new customers come from "word of mouth".

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Community Organizations & Events

Links and hosting for community organizations - as part of our commitment to the community non profit events can be listed for a reduced price or even free upon a paying business sponsoring it. If you have signed up to be listed, submit your favourite non profit for event listing.
Canada Day Event July 1

Sooke dot Org can also provide photos of your event, product or location: High resolution for print media & web ready photos.
Location photography or video by appointment.

Website Development & Domain Registration
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If you already have a domain, we can link to it and host it - call for our design and promotion packages.

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